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Quickpost: Washington think tanks make for a ‘city of men’

September 12, 2011

A story from a few weeks ago I’ve just stumbled across while doing some research on US gender think tanks reveals some depressingly poor figures on women’s representation in US foreign policy think tanks.

Foreign Policy’s Micah Zenko did the number crunching and found only 21% of women held policy related positions and 29% of leadership roles. He finds similar disparities in academia for international relations departments at universities.

As Zenko points out, this has a negative knock on effect in terms of US foreign policy and decision making which cannot be ignored. It also, from a selfish media perspective, means that coverage of foreign policy in the US is skewed both in terms of representation and content.

But while Zenko rightly points out that steps must be taken to remedy the issue, he doesn’t provide any himself. So, other than issues such as better childcare, flexible working and improving recruitment policies, what would help?

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