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Quickpost: New campaigns & reports on UK women

June 27, 2011

A couple of interesting reports have cropped up in my day job which I thought I’d share here, because they shed light on some of the great work being done in women’s organisations and highlight some of the media campaigns being launched to tackle women’s issues.

Firstly, the End Violence against Women coalition (EVAW) launched its campaign ‘We Are Man’, which aims to involve young men in tackling sexual violence against women and girls in schools, colleges and universities:

Much kudos to them (disclosure, my organisation is a member of the coalition) for approaching such as potentially difficult issue in a funny yet sensitive and ultimately sobering manner. The marvellous Sarah Jackson has done a good breakdown over at Bad Reputation as well.

Secondly, the Fawcett Society’s new report ‘Single Mothers Singled Out’, in conjunction with the Institute for Fiscal Studies, makes for sobering reading on the continued negative and disproportionate affect cuts have had on that most unfairly maligned of social groups, the single mother. (Remember John Major’s comments on single mothers? Because as the daughter of one I sure as hell do)

Finally, in a more micro way, new research conducted in Coventry into the cuts impact has thrown up more areas of concern for women, with the austerity measures hampering everything from a woman’s job to housing, education, employment, her access to services should she experience violence, and more.

So, some sobering reading for the most part, but some good insights into the state of women in this country at present, and what some people are doing to try to change it!

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