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Quickpost – Oh make me over …

November 20, 2009

Last night I had a, cough, robust debate with someone over the fact I liked perfume and whether this was a shallow pursuit or not.

My response was pretty much: “Well, shallow or not I always like to smell FABULOUS” (and I do, incidentally, seriously, Jo Malone should sponsor me or something, or at least send me a bottle of their now discontinued original Gardenia perfume so I can get over the trauma of my bottle running out).

But it did get me thinking that the pursuit of beauty can be seen as a rather facile one, and not a delight in the sheer aesthetic wonder of it. I love reading blogs on things of beauty, whether paintings, make up, fashion style or even book design.

Part of the, cough cough double  cough, constructive debate, was sparked by the BBC’s November season on Modern Beauty, which looks at whether in all the debate and brouhaha surrounding whether modern art has sacrificed beauty for cheap thrills and shock value.

There is also the legitimate debate on how our society’s obsession with the attainment of beauty imposes constraints on women (although beauty is of course not confined to us,  and nor is the ‘Gaze’ a la Laura Mulvey), but questions arise as to whether we have allowed that to obscure a more healthy and balanced look at aesthetics in a more positive light as a concept that brings delight and joy to those who appreciate it.

Or, is it that we have subverted notions of beauty so much we no longer know what ‘beauty’ means no understand it can be a positive, healthy term?

Which all in a long winded way brings me to this stunning audio slideshow on the Guardian featuring make up artist Alex Box, who has collaborated with photographer Rankin on a new book, and which you can see/hear here.

Alex’s work is certainly unconventional, but the make up line she works for, Illamasqua, is not your average make up line. I like that she creates new style glamour in a new style way, and while it’s not always pretty it’s certainly, in a strange way, beautiful. While I’m not entirely sure I could carry off all of them at work, I think the ‘attacked with several fluorescent spray guns’ style above would look great on a Birmingham night out …

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  1. November 20, 2009 5:48 pm

    it really depends on the artist modern, traditional or whatever

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