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Quickpost – the parenting "wars"

October 10, 2009

Chris Cleave in the Guardian has posted one of the best articles I have read on childcare, why fathers often feel out and how his own experiences in parenting led him to sympathise with the all the crap mothers often experience.

ZOMG! My parents haz parenting issues ...

ZOMG! My parents haz parenting issues ...

He calmly dismantles some of the myths about parenting and is particularly scathing about a recent slew of articles that drove me insane on how children of working mothers were not as fit as those with stay at home mums (of course their dads seemed absolved of blame). As Cleave so eloquently puts it:

“It seems that the media, the schools, the spectre of paedophilia, the prevalence of absent fathers, the policies of the government and perhaps even our own machismo conspire to prevent dads taking an equal share in bringing up our young children. Meanwhile, working women are demonised as unfit mothers, while full-time mums are made to feel left-out or unfulfilled. Isn’t modern Britain groovy?”

As Cleave points out, there are many men keen to share the parenting load who are not been given the support they need. At present some are endeavouring to set up their own, informal ways such as Dad meet ups etc – and I, like Cleave, have noticed the recession seems to have resulted in more men than ever taking their kids on the walk to school – but the government, the media, and society as a whole in the UK need acknowledge that resources for dads who want to help are wanting and need to be addressed.

And not just, as one of Cleave’s friends jokes, by promising to serve beer at the school gates …

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